Our Reporting Portals

We provide IWF Reporting Portals to countries which do not already have a way of reporting this online criminal content. Working with local governments, police, industry, funders and charities, we give people a place to report, linked directly to our analysts in the UK.

Today we have 49 of these reporting portals – 50 including the UK – giving more than 2.6bn people a safe place to report – anonymously – suspected online pictures and videos of children being sexually abused. Six were launched in 2021 and the first – the Mauritius Portal – was launched in 2013.

Reporting portals are customised webpages. When reports are confirmed as illegal by our expert analysts in our UK Hotline, we work to have the images and videos removed from the internet.

Setting up a reporting portal is a low-cost, fast and effective way to fight against child sexual abuse.

You can find out more about our Reporting Portals on our website.


people globally with access to a portal.


roundtables held in 2021: Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Argentina, Sri Lanka.


portals launched in 2021: Kenya, Morocco, Guatemala, Tunisia, Argentina, and ICMEC-IWF Reporting Portal for countries that don’t have a reporting mechanism yet.


languages featured: Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Kazakh, Lingala, Malaysian Bahasa, Mongolian, Nepali, Pashto, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian, Urdu, Wolof.


continents covered: Africa, Asia, Europe, South America.


portals are incorporated into the INHOPE network in 2021.

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